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Procurement center of FPT Software

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Requirement to be a supplie

  • Have adequate financial resources to perform the contract or the ability to obtain them
  • Be able to provide audited financial statements for completed fiscal years upon request
  • Be able to comply fully and effectively with FSOFT General Terms and Conditions of Contract
  • Have the necessary organization, facilities, experience, accounting and operational controls; adequate insurance and technical skills
  • Have a record of satisfactory performance with FSOFT, when applicable
  • Have sufficient material and financial resources to meet all existing commercial commitments.
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Đăng ký nhận thông tin

Ngành Hàng

Hàng hóa dịch vụ IT

  • Phần cứng thiết bị IT
  • Phần mềm và bản quyền
  • Đường truyền

Đăng ký

IT goods and services

  • IT hardware
  • Licenses and software
  • Connectivity


Dịch vụ ngoài IT

    • Xây dựng và cải tạo,
    • Quản lý tòa nhà,khu làm việc
    • Bảo vệ, Căng tin, bếp ăn…

Đăng ký

Non IT goods and services

    • Construction and renovation
    • Building management, Site maintenance,
    • Security, Cafeteria…


Dịch vụ khác

  • Thuê văn phòng, Thuê xe ô tô và xe buýt,
  • Bảo hiểm, Kiểm tra sức khỏe,
  • Quà tặng, Vận chuyển, Sự kiện

Đăng ký

Other services

  • Office place renting, Bus and car renting
  • Insurance, Health check service,
  • Gift, Logistic, Event…